All your information kept in one place, to help those you love care for you

If you are getting old and frail, who is the person you would trust to tell you your driving is so bad you need to stop?

Or if you had an accident and had to be rushed to hospital, where would anyone find your medical details if you were too ill to provide them?

And where is your legal and financial information kept? When you die, do you want to be buried or cremated, have a church service, or a celebrant?

This handbook is where all this information can be kept, in one place, to help those we love care for us.

There is no way of avoiding the sadness and anxiety that comes with a grave llness, old age and death but setting out how we want to deal with it can make it so much easier for everyone.

Dear Sally, I saw your book at the PF Post office and bought two copies, one for us and one for my parents. Congratulations , I thought it was a wonderful idea and very well done. Brilliant!!! Everyone should have one and I will get some for my children too.  Thankyou, regards Kathryn .


Here is an example of the information that will be stored in your handbook

Your personal details
Basic details about you which would be useful to your family and/or friends should you become incapacitated.

If you are unable to cope
Should you become very ill or incapacitated these are the people you have appointed or those who will be asked to take care of your affairs with due regard to you listed preferences.

Your family, friends and memberships
Detailed contact information for your family and friends plus your memberships to clubs and organisations.

Your healthcare
Your medical details should you need to go to hospital or receive any form of assisted care plus immediate primary contact information for your healthcare

Legal matters
This section covers your Will and powers of attorney but it is important to know that filling it out is not a substitute for creating legal documents

Your finances
Your finances covers a wide range of information including your accountant, financial advisor, banks and financial institutions, insurance, superannuation, income and investment management, tax and direct debit details

House and property
This section includes information regarding property assets and motor vehicles, utility and service providers.

When I die
'When I die' includes who to contact first when you die, your funeral preferences and your life story.

In an emergency
This important section sets out, in order, the people to contact and the things that need to be done and located should I become incapacitated or when I die.


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